Learning to see the beauty in transition…

I want to pay homage to those whom I have recently lost. The circumstances relating to their transition though important, is not the purpose of this post. This post was created to simply honor those I’ve lost. And as I watch the number of deaths continue to rise due to the current global pandemic and/or other circumstances, the names and faces of those whom “WE LOVE” seems to get lost under a torrential rain of bad news…Here’s an outlet – Join Me if You will in honoring those Whom You Love.

Because of this current climate our memorial services had to adapt. Here’s a space where we can honor “Our Love Ones” collectively while respecting the current practice of “social distancing”.

The tribute will update weekly to include all pictures received each week by 5pm CT Friday. They will be uploaded to the memorial tribute the following Monday. One pic of each loved one to be honored “Is ALL” we’ll upload! So send only the best pic and the name to be attached to their image. Include the Birth Year and the Year of Their Transition. Those you want to collectively honor, send their best pic and name to “GBNF Tribute”.

Our -Forever Memorial-