Johnny Holmes II founded Facet of the Jewel as a Social Emotional Wellness initiative.

Johnny is a father, inspiring speaker and workshop facilitator. His unique skill and passion provides the support needed to “Move Men Toward Safety”! His background as a youth development consultant included an 11-year stint at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. During his time there, he was driven by the wisdom of Frederick Douglas that said, “it’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

In 2012, he lost his son Joshua to gun violence in a Suburb of Chicago. The pain of this experience pushed him to and through a process of healing and he became aware of his own need for emotional support.

Today, Johnny is that “broken man” who has been developing and discovering the tools he needs to heal himself. During this process, Facet of the Jewel was birthed and through writings, workshops and words, Johnny reminds himself and others that their life, light, and love is enough and an essential element to this world.


To remind men and women that they are enough and that their life, light and love is an essential element to the world!


To help others discover their purpose, recover their passion and uncover their potential!


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